10 Reasons to Get Sunday

There’s a lot to consider when choosing how to approach your  lawn care. Does it work? Is it pet safe? Is it people safe? Can I do it myself? With Sunday, it’s easy to start a lawn care plan that will get better results. Ditch the traditional lawn care routine with its harsh chemicals and large, messy bags of overflowing products and start growing better right in your own backyard.


A better lawn plan is an easy-to-use lawn plan. No heavy fertilizer bags, no messy spreaders, and no guesswork. Just a lightweight nutrient pouch sent straight to your door. Open the box, attach the pouch to your hose and spray. It’s that simple.

Real Data & Cutting-Edge Turf Science

Lawn care doesn’t have to be a game of guess-what-will-work at your local hardware store. Every Sunday Smart Plan starts with an easy-to-do soil test. We use your soil and climate data to create a custom nutrient plan just for your lawn. Instead of one-size-fits-all products, get the exact stuff your lawn needs, right when you need it, delivered straight to your door.

We partner with some of the nation’s leading turf scientists to innovate new lawn solutions, target misinformation, remove guesswork and help to reduce harsh chemical application. By Integrating technology, properly Interpreting data and critically reviewing new studies, we are helping customers everywhere change the way they grow turfgrass.

A Lighter Touch

We use a less is more approach to build a sustainable ecosystem that supports your soil’s (very efficient) natural process. By following MLSN (Minimum Level Soil Nutrient) guidelines, we are able to accurately deliver the exact nutrients that your lawn needs to grow thick, green and healthy grass. Not only does this reduce over application and potential runoff pollution, it also prevents your lawn from becoming lazy and reliant on products.

Better Ingredients & No Unwanted Chemicals

At Sunday, we believe in using better ingredients that you can actually pronounce. We put hard-working, better-for-the-planet ingredients like Nitrogen, Potassium and Iron to work on your lawn. Less chemicals, lower application rates, and better ingredients, that’s the Sunday Way.

You don’t need harsh chemicals or unwanted pesticides to grow a lush green lawn. We are here to help you ditch the hard stuff. Our backyards are more than just some grass surrounding our house. There are more than 4,000,000 acres of turfgrass in America. Chemical application on that grass is over 5x the rate used on an industrial farm. That adds up to over 90,000,000 pounds of pesticides per year. With 75% of American households currently using pesticides in their homes and lawns, real change starts right in our own backyard.  

On-Call Lawn Specialists

Our team of Lawn Advisor experts are available by phone, text or email to answer all of your lawn care questions. Our blog, The Shed, is a complete library of lawn care tips and tricks to help get the most out of your backyard. 

Lawn Care on a Mission   

At Sunday, your lawn is part of something bigger than your backyard. As a 1% for the Planet partner, a portion of every sale we make is donated to support nature and water conservation, healthy urban green spaces, and new pollinator and bird habitats. By joining Sunday, you will be part of growing a more sustainable world.

Our Customers Love Their Sunday Lawns

Sunday customers all over the country love their lawns. But don’t just take our word for it.


“My lawn has truly changed! FOR THE BETTER! Once you go Sunday you don’t go back! I love this product! It changed my grass drastically and looks amazing!” – Joshua

“We love using Sunday! They analyze the soil and send us a treatment that is best suited for our lawn. It is working great.” – Brad 

“I love that I’m saving money by not playing the guessing game at the store anymore! I’m on my third pouch now, and my lawn is so happy!” – Sarah

Weed & Pest Control

A healthy, thick lawn is one of the best ways to control weeds and prevent unwanted pests. But a healthy lawn is full of life, so it is normal to have some weeds and pests from time to time. We always recommend approaching weed control with a light touch and to implement a full integrated pest management routine. But for those instances when additional products are needed, we offer a full line of Weed and Pest control products that are better for people, pets and the planet.


Ready to get Sunday? Sign up for a Smart Lawn Plan today and let’s grow better together.