Preventing Spring Weeds

Spring is the best time to prevent weeds from coming. The best way to crowd out weeds is to grow a thick, healthy lawn. These strategies will fill in your lawn and keep it kid, pet, and earth friendly too.


#1 Patch Bare Spots. With no competition from your grass, weeds easily pop up where your grass is not. Bare spots can be caused by pet urine, herbicides, poor soil conditions, to name a few. In most cases you’ll have to lay down more seed. Start your spring spot patching projects once temperatures reach the high 40s in cool season areas and high 60s in warm season areas.

  Everything you need to know about how to patch bare spots. 

#2 Overseeding. For most grass types, except a couple warm season grasses, overseeding is a great annual practice. Even in a healthy lawn, some grass dies every year. Seeding with new grass seed will help replace dead grass and thicken your turf. Seeding in spring and late winter gives your grass seed enough time to get ahead of the weeds.

 Step by step overseeding guide.

#3 Check Your Sprinklers. Most grass types need more water than weeds do. If your grass isn’t getting enough water, it will make it a lot easier for weeds to move in.

In the spring, take a walk around your yard with the sprinklers on. Sounds like fun, right?! Take note of any repairs, replacements, or adjustments you might need to make sure your grass is getting enough water.

PRO TIP: Many sprinkler heads have an easy to adjust range; all you need is a small screwdriver and willingness to get a little wet. In some cases, adjustments fix the problem and are much cheaper and easier than replacing the whole head.

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