5 Ways To Enjoy Your Yard

We know your yard is more than just a patch of grass. It’s your little plot of land. It’s a treasured spot for you and your family. Here is a round up of our favorite ideas to get you out there having fun.

#1 Strengthen your lawn game… game. We all need a little recess. Research shows that engaging in playful activities as adults has many health benefits. So, we rounded up 12 family-friendly lawn games that’ll turn your backyard into your very own playground.

Corn Hole, Yard Dice, Lawn Bowling…


#2 Move it outside. Staying home doesn’t have to mean staying in. Here are some creative ways to make your everyday routine extraordinary by moving it outdoors. Escape your living room and enjoy your outdoor space instead!

Dining ‘Out’, Movie Nights, Listening Parties…


#3 Add color and attract new friends! Whether you want to give back to nature or you are looking for an easy way to add color and beauty to your yard, wildflowers should be on your radar. Planting a patch of wildflowers will take care of those bare or boring spots in your yard and attract helpful pollinators like butterflies. 

Bachelor Buttons, Borage, Black Eyed Susans…


#4 Let it glow! Your yard time doesn’t have to end with sunset. Add some easy string lights or lanterns to keep the fun going. We like Luminaid’s solar-powered lights. They’ve spent years creating and refining durable solar lighting solutions for disaster relief and outdoor adventures, so you know they’re good. Plus, no wires. 

Solar Powered Yard Lanterns


#5 Keep it Clean. Excited to get out there? Sunday nutrients work with nature without the toxic pesticides to build a healthy, strong lawn for people, pets, planet, and play. We deliver the right stuff, at the right time, optimized to your ecosystem for a beautiful lawn that’s full of life. All you need is a hose.

Building Your Best Yard From The Ground Up