6 Ways To Enjoy Your Yard This Winter

Bundle up, shake off the cabin fever and enjoy the wonders of winter with these 6 tips for frosty fun right in your own backyard.

#1 Build a Snowman 

The classics are classic for a reason. This timeless activity is great for the whole family. For a fresh take on your snowman fun, try having each person build a snow version of themselves. Once your snowman is built, try a game of pin the nose on the snowman for a little extra winter fun.


 #2 DIY Ice Rink

Ice skating is fun for the whole family and with a few supplies and a little elbow grease you can have an ice rink right in your own backyard.

Build an Ice Rink in 4 Steps:

  1. Smooth out any fallen snow to create an even layer
  2. Lay down a tarp on the rink area
  3. Build an exterior border using wood or PVC piping
  4. Fasten tarp liner to border and fill area with water
  5. Let freeze and enjoy

Building an ice rink can risk damage to your lawn, but, if you love to skate, the trade-offs could be worth it. Reduce the impact on your lawn by making sure you remove the rink before the ground thaws.  


#3 Snow Games

From freeze tag to kick the snow man, you don’t need to be an Olympian to enjoy these winter games! Break into teams for some snow football, a game of capture the snow flag or a round of dodge the snowball. When there is snow on the ground, it’s time to let the games begin!


#4 Snow Forts

Everyone loves a good fort. Get outside and build a snow fort that the whole family can enjoy. There are many ways to build, but we suggest starting with snow bricks, forming a wall and filling in the gaps as you go. Once the structure is complete, you can use cool water to smooth out rough patches and form an ice layer that will strengthen your structure.


#5 Winter Fire Pit

There is more than one song about the wonders of sitting around an open fire in the midst of winter. Roasting treats, telling stories, and sipping hot cocoa, there are few family activities more enjoyable than relaxing around a warm fire. And the best part? You don’t have to leave home.


#6 Outdoor Entertaining

There is something special about enjoying your entree with a side of brisk winter air. Whether you fire up the grill, gather around an open flame, throw on a few heating lamps or just bundle up, Winter is a perfect time to explore the joys of outdoor dining.  For a little extra fun, work with the cold by transforming a nearby snow mound into a cooler to keep beverages nice and chilly.


Don’t let your love of the outdoors grow cold this winter. Stay safe, stay warm, and make some new memories with the ones you love. Looking for tips on how to care for your lawn as spring gets closer? Check out our Spring Lawn To Do List to get ready!