A Quick Note From Me, Founder of Sunday

Coulter here, co-founder at Sunday.


This is a moment in history unlike any other. As we transition to spending our time at home, it’s important to find ways to stay positive and grounded.

It’s hard to imagine we only started Sunday last spring. Since then our team has grown from 2 to 20 and our community includes thousands of people and lawns across the country. Together we’re staying motivated to do good things for our backyards, our environment, and our families.

we’re spending time in the yard
I have three boys home from school (10, 6, and 4) and we’re spending a whole lot of time in the yard these days! It’s mostly playing, taking in fresh air, and enjoying the sunshine. Despite the grumbling, we’re also cleaning up and prepping the yard for spring. If you have kids, like us, here are some ideas to get them outside too.

we’re here for you
We will be here to help you through your lawn journey. Whether you have a lawn issue, want tips on eco-friendly yards, or want to know more about why our products work so well, we’re here.

we’re adapting and adjusting
This week we made the decision to move our Colorado team to WFH for the health and safety of our friends, family, and community. We’re still cranking at full capacity from our couches, kitchen tables, and of course, backyards.

we’re ready to ship
Our warehouse is operating on schedule with additional protocols to ensure our team stays 100% healthy. Thousands of customers have already received their first box and we’re sending thousands more this week as soil temperatures rise across the country.


Please feel free to reach out to us anytime for anything.


Coulter + the Sunday team