Core Seed+Feed

Sunday's all-in-one lawn improvement product

Thicken and green your lawn in one easy step

Have a lawn that looks a little tired?  Sunday Core Seed + Feed is our one step product to revive your lawn and bring it back to thick, green, and vibrant growth. It contains grass seed, soil conditioners, fertilizer, and essential micro nutrients that thicken the lawn with new growth and feed your existing grass. 


Sunday Core Seed + Feed is now available to add to smart lawn plans any time at check out or from your Extras page, if you already have a plan. Our handy crank spreader is available there too!

Premium Grass Seed

Our Core Seed + Feed contains a generous amount of 4 grass seed types (Tall Fescue, Creeping Red Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass) that will thicken up and fill in your lawn in a variety of conditions and regions.  The nitrogen fertilizer slowly releases and can provide a greening up to 8 weeks. Along with premium seed, and nutrients you get soil boosting ingredients; calcium, gypsum, leaf compost and wood ash to help improve your soil.


Growing Zones


  • Sunday Core Seed + Feed is appropriate for the northern growing zones and more central transitional zones if you are growing a cool-season grass type.

  • Core Seed + Feed works for lawns with full sun to medium sun. If you have a more shaded lawn we recommend mixing Sunday Shady Blend grass seed (at recommended rates)  with the Seed + Feed before applying to your lawn. 

  • If you do not live in a area with regular rainfall we recommended increasing your lawn watering to increase seed germination until seeds are established (about 2-3 weeks). 

  • Each 15 lb bag of Core Seed + Feed covers up to 2,500 sq ft of lawn area. 


Applying Core Seed + Feed is easy using either a hand cranked spreader or push type fertilizer spreader. You can use your existing spreader and adjust to the lowest setting, increasing the dispersion rate until you achieve the desired rate. A 5,000 sq ft lawn will take about 20 minutes to apply using a hand cranked spreader, and will go much faster with a push type spreader.

Pro Tip: we recommend using your spreaders lowest flow setting, making a second pass over the lawn with any leftover product.

Core Seed + Feed Application Rates

Spreader Settings