Frequently Asked Questions

At Sunday, we are extremely selective and careful about the ingredients we use in our lawn care products. We are proud to say we do not use the following chemicals that are commonly found in traditional lawn care products:

    • 2,4-D
    • Benfluralin
    • Clopyralid
    • Dicamba
    • Diquat Dibromide
    • Dithiopyr
    • Fluazipop-p-butyl
    • Glyphosate
    • Imazapyr
    • Isoxaben
    • MCPA
    • Mecoprop (MCPP)
    • Pelargonic Acid
    • Pendimethalin
    • Triclopyr
    • Trifluralin
    • Acephate
    • Bifenthrin
    • Carbaryl
    • Fipronil
    • Imidacloprid
    • Malathion
    • Permethrin
    • Trichlorfon
    • Azoxystrobin
    • Myclobutanil
    • Propiconazole
    • Sulfur
    • Thiophanate methyl
    • Ziram
Growing is in your DNA but those big sacks of chemicals aren’t. Traditional lawn care is an antiquated brute force approach that lays down 90,000,000 pounds of pesticides each year. It makes soil and grass dependent on chemical inputs. Good for their business. Bad for your lawn. We’re changing the way we care for our lawns. With guidance and custom nutrients that contain ingredients you can pronounce, Sunday helps you cultivate rich, living soil for a healthy lawn that’s more self sustaining. Instead of brute force, we use cutting-edge plant science to get back to how nature is supposed to work. Got questions? Email us.

We have a recommended lawn coverage limit of 10,000 SQ. FT of lawn. Our largest plan currently nutrients covers 10,000 sq ft very effectively. The main reason we limit our plan to this size is due to application timing. For a 10,000 SQ. FT. property it takes about 30 minutes to apply. We want to ensure our customers are happy with the ease of use of our products, and we want to keep application times reasonable. We will offering a larger lawn plan in the future, its in the works! Please sign up for our email list if you would like to be informed when our large lawn plan is available.

To be the first to receive your Sunday products, enter your home address on the homepage and go through the steps to complete your lawn profile.

We supply everything you need right when you need it. You hose on the nutrients, which typically takes just over 10 minutes per application.

When used as directed our lawn nutrient products will not harm wildlife, bees, and other pollinators! Many of our nutrients are the same ones used by organic farmers. *Always read entire label/instructions and follow directions precisely. *Do not apply products in close proximity to or on bodies of water such as lakes, streams, and ponds as products could be harmful to aquatic life and sensitive ecosystems. Do not apply on possible water/food source for wildlife.

Yes! Our nutrient pouches are rich in seaweed, which will help your grass cope better with drought and heat stress. Our smart tools will also help you dial in your sprinklers based on precise weather data.

One year of Sunday starts at $129 for our small lawn plan. This includes 3 shipments of tailored products, a full soil test, and unlimited access to our smart tools and customized support. Sunday is waaaay less than a fertilizer service and on par with typical DIY / home improvement store costs. We're proud of that!

Our lawn nutrient program is not 100 percent organic. Sunday products include a mixture of macro nutrient fertilizers (urea, potassium) and a blend of natural/organic amendments (seaweed, humic, compost). Our products are designed to give your lawn the nutrients it needs right when it needs them, all while promoting long term soil/lawn health.

The Sunday plan does not currently include weed control options.  Two weed control products (selective Iron based product & a non-selective herbicidal soap) will be available for sale online by June 10th !