Fertilizer blackouts

Some states and counties have established fertilizer application restriction periods, known as blackout dates. During these blackout periods no fertilizer containing Nitrogen and/or Phosphorus can be applied to lawns. Overuse and associated nutrient runoff of lawn and garden fertilizers containing Nitrogen and Phosphorus has contributed to algal blooms in aquatic ecosystems. These ecosystems are sensitive and need to be protected. During these blackout periods we comply with all local and state regulations and restrict product application recommendations to solely Nitrogen and Phosphorus free products.

The following states or counties have annual fertilizer application restriction periods know as blackout periods.

During these periods we will not ship products that contain Nitrogen or Phosphorus for application during the blackout periods. Green Out out is one of our products that will help maintain a green and lush lawn during these periods, it does not contain Nitrogen or Phosphorus.

Florida - The following counties have fertilizer restriction periods:

December 1 to February 29 : Alachua

November 1 to March 31: Citrus

January 1 to March 31: Hernando

June 1 to September 30 : Brevard, Charlotte, Indian River, Lake County, Lee County, Manatee County, Martin County, Orange County, Pinellas County, Sarasota County, Seminole County, Volusia County, St. Lucie County, Tampa Municipality.

New Jersey - Statewide restriction from November 15 to March 1

New York - The following counties have fertilizer restriction periods from November 1 to April 1

Suffolk county, NY

Maryland - Statewide restriction from November 15 to March 1

*Exception to blackout *Phosphorus may only be applied when a soil test indicates that it is needed or when a lawn is being established, patched or renovated.

Vermont - Statewide restriction from October 15 to April 1

Sunday liquid nutrient products are precision fertilization products

This means sunday nutrients products have lower application rates (per application) of Nitrogen and Phosphorus than many lawn products. Healthy grass can process up to about .5 lbs of Nitrogen per 1,000 sq ft. quickly. Our applications average around .35 LBS of Nitrogen per application. This means more precise applications, healthy grass, and less risk of fertilizer runoff. As with all fertilizer products sunday products should not be applied close to rivers, streams, storm drains,  or other sensitive water areas.