Get Rid of Fall Weeds

Fall weeds = a big opportunity. The best time to get rid of weeds in your lawn is right now.

why fall?

In fall, weeds are in a weaker part of their life cycle making treatments much more effective this time of year.

It’s also known that perennial* weeds start sending all of their energy to their roots to store resources for the winter.

Treating perennial weeds at this stage can maximize the formula’s impact on the root killing the whole plant, so weeds don’t come back next spring.


* Perennial simply means they don’t die. Like your grass, these weeds go dormant and come back in the spring.
* Annual means they die at the end of the season (often after producing seeds and leaving those little gifts behind).

common fall annual and perennial weeds

We recommend starting with hand-pulling weeds, especially in spring when they are small. Here is a list of common fall weeds and Sunday weed control that can help:

*indicates fall annual


See our Weed Warrior and Dandelion Doom page for a full list of weeds affected.

Reminder: Weed Warrior is non-selective and can damage any plant it comes in contact with including your lawn. Target weeds directly.