Grasscycling Explained

Should you grasscycle? Probably. Just leave your grass clippings on the lawn after mowing and let the clippings do the rest.

why grasscycle?

With no clippings to bag or trash, you can reduce your time and yard waste. (Psst, In 2017 landfills received 8.7 million tons of yard trimmings). Clippings add nutrients and organic matter back to your soil as they break down. Clippings can help add moisture to the soil too.

If grasscycling isn’t an option, you can compost clippings or use them as garden mulch.

do it like a pro

1. Cut only 1/3 of the grass length at a time and keep the mower blade sharp to keep clippings small.

watch out: Clippings that are too big to break down quickly may block air and sunlight from your lawn.

2. Mow when the lawn is dry.

watch out: Wet grass clippings can stick together instead of spreading evenly over the lawn.

3. Just leave the clippings on the lawn. No raking needed. Within a day, they will start to settle to the soil and break down.

watch out: Skip grasscycling if you have a lot of weeds that have gone to seed, like dandelions, to keep them from spreading.