How Sunday Products Work Together

Weed control, grass seed, nutrient pouches and pest control products, learn how the full line of Sunday products can work together to help you grow a beautiful lawn.

Sunday Products Are Made To Work Together

Sunday lawn care products are designed to work as well with nature as they do with each other. The secret to combining your custom lawn plan with weed control, grass seed and pest control products is the order of application. To make things simple, just remember Weed – Seed – Feed & Control, and you’ll get the lawn results you want, without having to use any chemicals that you don’t.

Apply Sunday In Order:

  1. Weed Control
  2. Grass Seed
  3. Nutrient Pouches
  4. Pest Control

Weed Out Unwanted Plants

It is best to take care of weeds before applying seeds or nutrients. Always start with removing weeds by hand. If you have a more demanding issue, our Dandelion Doom and Weed Warrior products can help you get weeds under control.

Weed control products are most effective in moderate temperature, between 50°-85° F. It’s important to remove weeds before applying nutrients because you don’t want to feed the weeds. After applying weed control, wait one week before you seed.

Sow the Seeds of a Resilient Lawn

Seeding is one of the keys to growing a greener lawn that is more resilient to stress and disease, and naturally crowds out weeds. For overseeding or patching, you can apply grass seed at any time in your lawn care process since they aren’t impacted by nutrients before germination. 

Water gently to make sure that you don’t wash away any seeds, and wait 24 hours after watering before applying any nutrients. If you are seeding a lawn from scratch it is important to wait until the new seeds sprout at least 60% before applying nutrients. That way there will be enough growth for the nutrients to do their job.  

Recovering from pet damage with Pet Patch? You can reseed damaged areas anytime after applying Pet Patch. Wait 24 hours between applying Pet Patch and your custom lawn nutrients to give each formula time to get to work on your lawn.

Feed Your Grass the Nutrients it Needs

After spot treating and removing any unwanted weeds, your lawn is ready for nutrients. Be sure to avoid spraying on nutrient pouches 24 hours before, or directly after rain or watering. This dry period will ensure the best results. Be sure to only apply nutrients to areas where grass has grown in at least 60%.

Our nutrient pouches use ingredients like seaweed, nitrogen, iron and molasses to build strong, resilient lawns. For these ingredients to work properly, it is important to apply during moderate temperatures. Extreme cold and high heat can prevent nutrients from being absorbed properly. Be sure to follow your custom application dates included with your plan. Then, just screw in the nozzle, hose on, and get ready to watch your grass grow.

Keep Unwanted Pests In Check

The best pest control is a healthy lawn because a strong lawn ecosystem will naturally resist pests. But if ants, mosquitos, ticks or any other threats persist, using one of our pest control products can help you keep bugs at bay. It is best to apply pest control agents at least 24 hours after applying nutrients to give them plenty of time to absorb so that nutrient sprays and watering doesn’t wash them away. 


During different times of the growing season, different pests will present, but whichever stage of your lawn plan you find yourself in, be sure to follow the directions when applying Sunday pest control products. 


From start to finish, Sunday lawn products are here to help you grow and keep growing better all year long.