Lawn Games

Adults need recess too. Research shows that engaging in playful activities as adults has many health benefits. So, we rounded up 12 family-friendly lawn games that’ll turn your backyard into your very own playground.


  1. Cornhole – One of the most popular outdoor games in the U.S., cornhole has gotten so popular that the American Cornhole Orgniazation’s World Championships of Cornhold X received airtime on ESPN. So, grab a few friends and set up your own backyard tourney.
  2. Capture the Flag (the Glow in the Dark version) – Level up this favorite outdoor game by playing after sunset with illuminated markers.
  3. Giant Connect Four – This supersized version of the classic tabletop version of Connect Four is just the right amount of challenging to be fun for kids of all ages.
  4. Horseshoes – What’s a backyard party without this crowd-pleasing game of toss?
  5. Yard Dice – Take your favorite tabletop dice games like Yahtzee to the lawn with large yard dice.
  6. Ladder Toss – Cornhole meets horseshoes in this aiming game in which the person with the most points walks away victorious.  
  7. Badminton/Volleyball – Bigger lawns are ripe for friendly competition between two teams going head-to-head in badminton or volleyball matches.
  8. Bocce Ball – A classic summer sport, bocce ball is the third most popular sport in the world, after soccer and golf.  25 million people in the U.S. alone play bocce. It’s a fun, easy-to-learn lawn game.
  9. Giant Dominoes – Make your next BBQ the most memorable yet by breaking out a set of giant dominoes.
  10. Lawn Bowling – Backyard bowling is one of the easiest games to play outdoors with everyone, one game at a time or tournament-style.
  11. Mini-Golf – Set up your own adventure park in your front- and backyard for hours of family-friendly entertainment.
  12. Kubb – Chess meets cornhole, this Viking lawn game is believed to have been first been played with the bones of Viking enemies.  

These 12 fun lawn games will turn your next backyard BBQ that’s fun for everyone. Looking for something you can DIY or create on the fly? Grab a hat, pieces of paper and gather in the backyard for a fun game of charades.