Little Yellow Lawn Tattoo

Slip and slides are worth the fun. Don’t sweat your grass burn too much. Grass can catch up to your fun. That’s what the lawn is for after all.

why do slip & slides turn your lawn yellow?

When you have something like a slip and slide on your lawn on a hot sunny day, it heats up and turns into a kind of solar oven that “cooks” your grass. The effect is worse the more transparent the plastic is.

The grass dries out and turns yellow, but, if you look real close, there is likely still some bit of green at the roots. The grass isn’t dead. It’s just gone into summer dormancy mode in an attempt to survive the extreme conditions.

The good news? Almost every time, you can get your lawn back on track. Here’s what you do (and don’t do) to help with that little yellow lawn tattoo. 

here's how to fix it.

01 don't fertilize

Damaged grass is ill prepared for taking in nutrients. Plus, it will trigger your grass to sink energy into new leaf growth, when it should be focusing on a full recovery.

01 keep off it

Set the slip and slide up somewhere else this week. And tell the kids to keep off. Don’t mow it either. If you need to mow, skip that section.

03 water is your friend

It won’t green up right away, but daily watering in the morning or evening will keep the grass alive in it’s dormant state and start building back its strength.