Pet Spot Repair

Here at Sunday, we love lawns. And dogs. And dogs on lawns. But we’re not too crazy about those inevitable pet spots, so we created a fix that keeps everyone happy. Dogs, lawns, and you included.

While cats can be occasional culprits, pet spots are generally the work of dogs. Their urine contains lactic acid and urea, which can damage or even kill grass when sprayed on concentrated areas. The result? Those universally hated brown patches that challenge so many pet owners. 

Enter Pet Patch.

What's In It

Our liquid lawn repair solution is formulated with hard-working soil remediation ingredients like humic acid, seaweed, and iron that help revive damaged lawn areas. Let’s break down some of the key ingredients:

  1. Humic Acid: A soil conditioner derived from leonardite, it improves water retention, nutrient reuptake, and soil structure. 
  2. Seaweed: This sustainably harvested plant is rich in minerals and nutrients, helping with heat stress, root development, and overall resilience. It’s also rich in “cytokinins” (aka “stay green” hormones) which help brown grass green up.
  3. Iron: This essential micronutrient also helps your lawn warm up and green up, and contributes to disease resistance.
  4. Potassium: One of the big three macronutrients, potassium helps plants convert food into energy and improves resilience to drought and disease.
  5. Surfactant: This “surface acting agent” helps water (and nutrients!) penetrate more evenly into the soil, and helps the soil hold moisture more effectively. This spurs grass regrowth and distributes urine contaminants to a deeper soil level. 

How It Works

Good news! Pet Patch will not interfere with the application of your Sunday fertilizers, so carry on with your regular routine. Use Pet Patch for both spot treatments and full-lawn preventive coverage—your choice.


For repairing damaged spots: Spray Pet Patch on affected areas for 15 seconds at a distance of 12 inches, thoroughly soaking damaged areas. Once all spots are treated, remove the sprayer and use the hose to thoroughly water the treatment for about 20 seconds. One pouch covers approximately 50 large pet spots, and you should see results in 21 days.

  1. Most warm-season lawns, like St. Augustine, will naturally grow back in barren spots after treatment, but for quicker results you can add a plug. Bermudagrass can be filled in with seed.
  2. Cool-season lawns like fescue and bluegrass spread more slowly, so we recommend patching the damaged area with grass seed after application. 


For preventive use or entire grass coverage: Spray the entire pouch contents onto lawns up to 2,500 sq. ft. For best results, water your lawn thoroughly after application.


It’s as easy as 1, 2, treat!

  1. Attach pouch and hose to sprayer
  2. Spray damaged lawn areas for 15 seconds
  3. Water treated lawn areas
  4. Save your sprayer for next time


Sunday ProTip: Do not apply near water, storm drains, or drainage ditches, and avoid applying if heavy rain is expected. If any product runs off onto driveways, sidewalks, or streets, just sweep it back onto your lawn! And always check with your county government to learn whether there are any local regulations for fertilizer use.

Can Pet Spots Be Prevented?

An ounce of prevention, so they say, is worth a pound of cure. Here are two tricks that may reduce the likelihood of pet spots:

  1. Good old H2O. If you happen to be in the yard when your dog is urinating, you can immediately water the area—thus, diluting the urine—as a preventive measure. Does your pet have a preferred potty zone? Consider setting up a sprinkler to water that area more frequently. In general, keep your overall lawn well hydrated so that it’s less sensitive to stressors. 
  2. Pet training. Some dog owners train their fur friends to go only in one spot in the yard. This can be an area that does not have grass growth, or a spot on the lawn that they know will have to be maintained with closer care. Start by taking your dog to the designated area, give it a name like “spot” or “place,” and then offer a reward when the dog succeeds.

Isn’t it a relief to know you can keep your dog AND your lawn happy? From the beginning, we designed Sunday with your family and pets in mind, using friendly ingredients that don’t involve scary yellow flags or post-application waiting periods. We want you to enjoy your lawn, and if that enjoyment comes with pet spots, well, you know where to look for help.