Pets & Lawns

We love dogs. Dogs love lawns, but lawns tend to get the ruff end of the deal. Here are 5 tips to keep your dog and your lawn happy. You can have both!

Tip #1 Grow Non Toxic Plants

No one wants their dog to eat the backyard greenery, but it happens.

Marigold, sunflower, snapdragon, zinnia, and sage are some common pet-friendly plant options. Discover more plant resources for your local area at  our post on Easy Eco Changes.

Tip #2 Keep It Cool

Most dogs love hanging in the yard, but it can get really hot out there. Add shade with trees or shade structures. And keep water accessible with an outdoor water bowl.

Tip #3 Flush The Yellow Spots

Using a hose or watering can, wash out the pet urine to reduce damage to your grass. The sooner you can do this the better.

Pro Tip: Clover is more resilient to pet urine. Plus, it naturally adds nitrogen to help feed your grass. Read more on clover lawns and our Lucky Lawn clover seed blend.

Sunday Tip: Pet Patch helps rinse away pet urine while non-ionic surfactants condition soil and nutrients revive grass.

Tip #4 Repair The Damage

In warm season lawns, grass may fill in dead or dying yellow spots on its own. For severely damaged areas and in cool season lawns, resodding or reseeding in early spring or fall may be needed.

Sunday Tip: Cool season and warm season Patch Pro Kits make reseeding patches super easy.

Tip #5 Keep The Lawn Long

Longer grass is stronger and more resilient. Plus, it will help hide and blend in any discolored spots while they heal. Check out our mowing height chart or set your mower to the highest setting.

Sunday Lawns Are For Dogs

We designed Sunday with your family and pets in mind. Our nutrients build soil health and boost growth for a strong, resilient lawn. After the nutrients dry, you and your pets can get back to playing on your grass right away.