Sunday Application and Rain

At Sunday, we offer what we call precision fertilization. That means we feed your lawn more often throughout the growing season, but with a more targeted dose of nutrients. Why? This not only reduces waste (wasted fertilizer, wasted money), but also gives your lawn exactly what it needs, when it needs it.

How To Apply Your Smart Nutrients

Speaking of waste, the last thing we want is for your expertly customized nutrients to be washed away by rain. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on applying Sunday—and how to deal if Mother Nature throws you a curveball.

  1. Insert the straw into the sprayer, then attach your hose and nutrient pouch.
  2. Water nutrients evenly over your entire lawn. Move quickly to cover the full lawn once, and continue until both pouches are used (about 25 minutes). 
  3. Save the sprayer for next time.
  4. Running a little late? Don’t worry! You can hose on a pouch after the set date—just be sure to wait at least a week between applications.

Sunday ProTip: It’s best to water your grass one day before hosing-on nutrients, because well-hydrated grass will absorb them most efficiently. You also want to have a dry day after hosing-on, so always check your weather forecast before applying!

So What if it Rains Anyway?

Weather predictions are just that—predictions. Luckily, a little unexpected rain isn’t always a horrible, no-good, very bad thing.


When to Relax

Light rainfall (½” or less in 24 hours) should not interfere with nutrient application. This is because Sunday products are designed to remain on the soil rather than on individual blades of grass, reducing runoff. NOTE: Sunday spot treatments are more sensitive to precipitation, so take extra care in timing these applications.

If you do get a little precipitation after applying your nutrients, just keep an eye on your lawn for one to two weeks. You’ll know the product was absorbed when your grass becomes noticeably greener; if you’re not seeing results (e.g. noticeably greener grass), then please reach out to our help center for additional guidance.


When to Take Action

If you get a downpour (½” of rain or more in 24 hours) right after you apply your nutrients, the effects may ultimately depend on your soil. Generally speaking, fertilizer will penetrate sandy soils more readily than clay; since dense clay soils absorb products more slowly, you’re more likely to see run-off. Either way, you should reach out to our help center for guidance in this situation.

What Else Can I Do?

The most well-rounded approach to your Sunday lawn is to understand these core lawn care principles

  1. Feed the grass
  2. Water deep
  3. Mow high

When you incorporate these techniques alongside general upkeep and maintenance, you’ll be on your way to a healthy lawn that can better weather, well, the weather.