Sunday Lawn Nutrients

Choosing the right lawn fertilizer should be easy. You don’t need harsh chemicals or overly complicated application processes to grow a thick, lush green lawn. With the right science and a natural approach you really can grow the lawn you’ve always wanted. Lawns require sufficient levels of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) to thrive. Every fertilizer comes with a three number N-P-K rating that explains the percentages of those nutrients. Nitrogen is the most important for lawns, but too much can also cause problems. Unfortunately, the traditional approach to lawn fertilizers often results in over-application which can create a lazy, dependent lawn that requires ongoing inputs to survive and environmental pollution. With our less-is-more approach, we create lawns that thrive, naturally.

The Sunday Approach to Fertilizer

Our fertilizer philosophy is simple. We believe that simple is better and that less is more. That’s why we use better ingredients (that you can actually pronounce) and follow MLSN, or Minimum Level of Soil Nutrients, guidelines for a precise application approach.  

All of our fertilizers are fortified with ingredients like seaweed, humic acid, nitrogen and potassium that produce strong growth, as well as molasses to feed micronutrients and build healthy lawn ecosystems from the soil up. Soil health is the foundation of lawn health, and natural ingredients are the best way to ensure that your lawn ecosystem is working the way nature intended it to.

MLSN is a sustainable method of interpreting soil data. By following the MLSN guidelines, we are able to accurately evaluate your soil and deliver the exact nutrients that your lawn needs to grow thick, green and healthy grass. While using MLSN to analyze turfgrass is a relatively new idea, it has been proven by leading turfgrass experts from around the world as an effective approach to responsible lawn nutrient management and ultimately, optimizing your lawn ecosystem.

The Right Nutrients for Your Lawn

The secret to growing better grass is getting to know your lawn. But knowing your lawn inside and out can seem like a daunting task. That’s why we invented the first ever Smart Lawn Plan. We take all of the guesswork out of lawn care, so that you can get the results you want, delivered straight to your door.

Every Sunday Smart Lawn Plan starts with a soil test. Then we use climate and soil data to create a personalized nutrient plan for your lawn’s specific needs.

Easy Fertilizer Application

With Sunday, fertilizer application is easy, just attach the easy-to-use nozzle to our nutrient pouch, and then to your own garden hose and spray. Application only takes 10-15 minutes. All you need is a hose. 

Make sure that your entire lawn is sufficiently hydrated. Well hydrated lawns will better absorb nutrients. It is better to mow several days before application. Mowing can cause lawn stress that may prevent nutrient absorption.

How to Apply Fertilizer

  1. Attach pouch & hose to sprayer
  2. Spray fertilizer on lawn
  3. Once fertilizer dries, re-enter area
  4. Save sprayer for next use


Sunday fertilizer pouches are part of a full lawn care routine. All Sunday products are made to work together, so you can build a better lawn ecosystem. The secret to comprehensive lawn care is order of application.


  1.   Step One: Remove weeds
  2.   Step Two: Patch bare spots 
  3.   Step Three: Fertilize  


Sunday Tip: Be sure to wait until newly seeded lawns have begun germinating with at least 60% of the area showing visible growth. 

Follow all of our Sunday Tips for best practices for watering, seeding, fertilizing and more. Sign up for Sunday today and start growing a lawn that is better for people, pets and planet.