Mosquito, Tick, and Flea Control

The Power of Plants

Our plant extract-based Nix Ticks and Mosquito Deleto pest control products are powerful formulas derived from nature that kill and control Ticks, Mosquitoes, and Fleas. Reduce unwanted pests in your yard in just 10 minutes with safe, effective, biodegradable active ingredients like Cedar and Lemongrass oils. 


Sunday pest control products are available to add to smart lawn plans any time at check out or from your Extras page, if you already have a plan.

Decide Your Yard Protection Zone

Decide the area of your property in which your family spends the most time. This will be your protected zone. This may be your patio area and the lawn extending to the playground area. The protected zone will be the area you spray regularly to kill and repel mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas.

Target Your Pest

TICKS Spray any shady areas where ticks can seek shelter from direct sunlight such as woods, trees, and bushes. Concentrate your spray on the areas where the shaded area meets the lawn, and spray at least a 12 ft. wide lawn swatch where the lawn meets the woods to create a barrier of protection.

MOSQUITOES Spray any shaded and damp areas where mosquitoes can breed including under decks, shrubs, bushes, and ground cover. Spray your entire protection zone to repel mosquitoes.

FLEAS Spray any dark corners of your lawn area including wood piles or edges of woods where fleas may leave larvae, and also spray the entire lawn area thoroughly.

Maintain Your Application Schedule

Regular application is extremely important to increase and maintain effectiveness.

Application Schedule

  • TICK & FLEA CONTROL: Apply every 30 days.

  • MOSQUITO CONTROL: Apply every 14 days for higher precipitation regions. / Apply every 28 days for dry regions.

PRO TIP: Start off right by spraying twice

Boost effectiveness right off the bat by following your initial application with an early second application within 7 days. This will help establish and reinforce your new repellent barrier for pests.

Application Tips

Application technique

Spray in an up and down motion working quickly to cover your protected lawn area, trees, mulch, and/or bushes until blades and leaves are just fully wet. Each bottle will cover approximately 5,000 sq ft. Always read full use instructions included with product for best efficacy.

Avoid spraying Flowers and pollinator friendly plants

While our plant extract-based products are formulated to target pest insects, you should not spray directly on flowering plants as this may deter pollinators. Avoid spraying flowers and flower gardens. Avoid spraying succulent plants.

Use Caution When Applying

Care should be taken to not spray on your skin or eyes. Rinse with water thoroughly, if this does occur. Wear eye protection and full length clothing when applying. Ideally wait for one hour (or until dry) for children and pets to re-enter the treated area. Always read full directions on the product label before using.