Sunday Smart Pest Plan

We’re proud to announce our new home pest control subscription, designed to work hand-in-hand with your smart lawn plan to target a variety of pests without harming the little ecosystem you’re working so hard to build. In addition to helping you cultivate a healthier, pest-free lawn, it offers a perimeter treatment to keep pests from getting inside your home. And for any persistent little critters that do manage to get inside? We have a spot treatment for that.

How It Works

When you’re signing up for your smart pest plan, we’ll use your home address to investigate active pests in your area. We’ll make a recommendation as to what products we think will help, but you’ll have the chance to confirm or make changes. After all, you know better than anyone else what’s, er, bugging you.

What You Get

The Basic Plan

Each of our DIY pest control subscriptions comes with two versatile products: An indoor multi-pest spray and an outdoor perimeter treatment.

1. Bug Doom Insect Barrier Using patented technology and a powerful, botanically derived pesticide, this barrier treatment keeps insects out of homes, flower beds, and other protected areas. The active ingredients, canola oil and pyrethrin, literally stop bugs in their tracks through asphyxiation and paralysis. Available in a gallon jug with an electric sprayer.

2. Bug Doom Home Insect Control This ready-to-use spray also uses canola oil and pyrethrin, but is formulated for indoor spot treatments. See a spider? Spray a spider. It’s also useful around common entry points such as windows, doors, and dog doors.


All customers will receive three shipments. The first delivery will include the indoor spray and barrier treatment, plus the barrier applicator wand (psst! hang on to the wand for next time!) and any supplemental products that you selected. Shipments two and three will arrive seasonally so you never run out, containing more barrier spray and supplemental products customized to your regional pest needs. Get to know them below!


The Extras

We will make recommendations based on your ecoregion; for example, our southern friends may need help with mosquitoes, while folks in the northeast may need more tick protection. But you have the final say, and can always add or delete products based on your specific needs. Here are our more targeted options!


  1. Mosquito Deleto Using familiar but powerful ingredients like cedar oil and lemongrass oil, this product kills adult mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas on contact. In addition to targeting current infestations, it acts as a repellent against future pests! Because of its low mammalian toxicity and low impact to the environment, the EPA considers it a minimum risk pesticide.
  2. Ant Adios This versatile ant pest control uses spinosad, a “biopesticide” derived from a soil bacterium called Saccharopolyspora spinosa, to kill and control a variety of pests without harming pets. Target insects include earwigs, cutworms, sowbugs, pillbugs, and crickets, in addition to the following ants: pavement ants, little black ants, argentine ants, crazy ants, acrobat ants, bigheaded ants, cornfield ants, ghost ants, odorous house ants, thief ants, Texas leafcutting ants, field ants, and other common ants.
  3. Fire Ant Fighter This pesticide also uses spinosad but is formulated specifically to target fire ants and harvester ants. Just spread the granules around mounds and trails, where the ants will pick up the bait and take it back to the colony. In addition to controlling visible mounds for up to two months, it also prevents new mounds from forming!
  4. Nix Ticks Our plant-powered, biodegradable formula uses concentrated cedar oil extracts to stop ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas dead in the tracks in as little as 10 minutes! It can also target pests in the larval stage and is considered a minimum-risk pesticide.

What to Do When Your Box Arrives

So you got your first shipment? Great! Your box will include step-by-step instructions on what to use and when, but here’s a quick overview.


Step 1

If your plan includes Ant Adios or Fire Ant Fighter, start there. Wait 1 to 2 weeks before applying any yard and perimeter sprays to that area, taking care not to apply those products directly to the granules. (Pest control sprays will reduce granule effectiveness.)


Step 2

Next, tackle your home’s perimeter with Bug Doom Home Insect Barrier, working quickly to create a barrier 1 foot up and 1 foot out from the foundation. If Mosquito Deleto or Nix Ticks are in your plan, apply those now to any trouble spots in your yard.


Need help with your barrier wand? We’ve got you covered here.


Step 3

Reapply ant control granules as needed every 2 to 4 weeks.


Step 4

Use Bug Doom Home Insect Control any time as a spot treatment indoors—spraying directly onto pests, to thoroughly infested areas, and places where pests crawl and hide. To use as a preventive barrier, spray around doors, windows, and basement areas where pests commonly enter.


And there you have it—you’re on your way to being a pest pro! For more details, see instruction sheets for each product. Read full instructions and precautionary statements on the product label before use. 


Home Pest Control The Sunday Way

DIY pest control is an important part of every successful lawn care routine. For best results, pair Sunday pest control products with your Sunday Smart Lawn Plan.