Sunday Soil Test How-To

Healthy soil is the foundation of every strong, resilient and green lawn. Soil testing is the best and easiest way to get all the dirt on your soil. With just a small sample, we can learn everything that we need to know about what nutrients your lawn needs to thrive year after year. 

Every Sunday Smart Lawn Care Plan starts with a soil test. We use that soil data, along with local climate data to ensure that your lawn only gets the nutrients it needs, when it needs them. Applying the wrong nutrients or too much – even if they’re natural– can do more harm than good for your lawn and the environment. The good news is soil tests make sure that isn’t an issue. And completing your soil test couldn’t be easier.

How to Complete Your Sunday Soil Test

Step One: Collect Soil

Use the provided metal tool to dig 4-6 inches below the surface, and gather a small scoop of soil from 3 or more areas around your front and backyard.


Step Two: Combine Soil

Mix all of the soil samples from around your yard together. Be sure to remove any rocks, roots, grass or debris from the samples. 


Step Three: Label Soil

Place about a cup of the combined soil into the sample bag. Soil can be damp, but not wet. Be sure to place the identification sticker provided onto the sample bag and seal.


Step Four: Send Your Soil  

Place the pre-printed shipping label on the soil test box and seal closed. Drop the box into the mail.

What We Do with Your Dirt

Once we receive your soil test, we will examine it for baseline nutrient levels. Healthy soil is a combination of three properties, Physical, Chemical and Biological. Our soil tests focus on the chemical properties, allowing us to pinpoint the ideal nutrient solution for your lawn. Learn more about Why Soil Matters and how to Decode Your Soil Test.


Once we’ve gotten to the bottom of your soil needs, we’ll create a custom lawn plan and ship it directly to your door. No mess. No guesswork. Simply follow the easy directions, apply your custom nutrients and we’ll take care of the rest all season long.