Sunday Tips

Getting ready to start Sunday? Here’s some info to dig into!

Every smart lawn plan is tailored to your lawn, soil, and climate. The first shipment even includes a free soil test to zero in on any soil deficiencies. Our nutrients build soil health and boost active grass growth for a healthy, green lawn that’s better for people, pets, and the planet.

Here are a few things to consider before you hose-on your nutrients.



Check your weather forecast before applying. It’s best for grass to be watered a day before hosing-on nutrients and to have a dry day after applying. Grass that is hydrated will absorb nutrients properly and a dry period after will give them time to fully absorb. 


Temperature & Time

It’s best to apply nutrients between 50-85 degrees F. Mornings are best. evenings are second best. 



Wait at least 2 days in-between cutting your grass and applying. We recommend mowing first and leaving your clippings on top or “grass-cycling”.


Check & Prep

To help your nutrients do their best work, remove weeds and reseed bare spots before applying.



When you’re ready, hose-on nutrients evenly across your lawn. As soon as the nutrients dry, you can get back out on your grass. Watch our getting started video to see how it’s done.


FYI, WHEN YOUR BOX ARRIVES: Your application time will be in the custom instructions inside your box.


Your free soil test will arrive in your first box. While soil systems don’t generally differ drastically across your yard, we ask you to dig up samples from three different spots to build a full profile and identify any deficiencies.

We’ll email you when results are ready to view on your account page and update your plan to keep your lawn on track for the season.


After your first box, additional nutrients will be heading your way right when your lawn needs them. We’ll notify you when a new shipment is on its way. Custom instructions are included in each box.


You can add spot treatment weed control, grass seed, patch kits and pet spot repair to your lawn plan at any time through your account page.


How you care for your grass will have a big impact on how it grows and your ecosystem. The Sunday Way is our approach to lawn care from mowing to watering and everything in between.


We have more lawn how-to guides at our blog, The Shed too.