Why we sent you flowers

First off, we like you. But there’s a bigger mission behind the wildflower seed packets we included in our spring and fall Smart Lawn Plan shipments this year. 


Wildflowers are easy, low maintenance plants. When you plant the right ones, they can help pollinators too. The seed blends we created were hand-picked by region for their beauty, hardiness, and their benefits for local pollinators and the ecosystem at large.

Monarch butterflies have decreased by 90% in the past 20 years

In an ever changing world, bees, bats, moths, hummingbirds, butterflies and other pollinators are having a difficult time keeping up. New weather patterns, pesticide use and habitat loss have all contributed to deep dives in their numbers. 


It impacts the diversity of nature you see in your yard, but pollinators also play a huge role in what you see on your grocery shelves. All in all, ⅔ of food crops and 85% of all flowering plants are possible because of pollinators.

Lawns and wildflowers

American lawns make up 40 million acres. Even if a small percentage of those lawns added some wildflowers, it would make a tremendous impact on pollinator habitat.


This spring we’re sending our regional wildflower seed packets to every customer. If everyone plants theirs, that’s hundreds of thousands more wildflowers. We’re also donating seed packets to local environmental groups to help grow even more pollinator habitat.


It’s not going to solve everything, but it’s progress.

Go forth and plant

Check the back of your Sunday wildflower seed packet for planting instructions or click here to learn more about wildflower planting and care.